Shaker Museum

Shaker Museum wants the circle unbroken

CHATHAM, N.Y. – Imagine if every single object in your home was exquisitely crafted, aesthetically pleasing and worked perfectly, from your kitchen utensils to your reading lamps. That ideal world of beauty and functionality was what the Shakers…set out to build 250 years ago. Read the full article in the Times Union here.


CHATHAM, NEW YORK. November 16, 2021 – Shaker Museum, which stewards the world’s most comprehensive collection of Shaker material culture and archives, announced today the members of its inaugural Makers’ Circle. Members of the new advisory group include Emily Adams Bode, Ini Archibong, Nacho Carbonell, gt2P (Victor Imperiale, Guillermo Parada, Tamara Pérez and Sebastián Rozas), […]

A Shaker still

Shaker Museum’s neighbors on Shaker Museum Road in Old Chatham, NY, are establishing a rye whiskey distillery on the land and in buildings that once belonged to the museum’s founder John S. Williams, Sr. They are raising their own rye and will be distilling the mash, and aging and bottling the whiskey, on their property. […]

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