Shaker Museum

Village planners applaud museum plan

CHATHAM—The Shaker Museum presented plans to the Village Planning Board for the museum’s new site at 5 Austerlitz Street at an online meeting Monday, January 25. “If I had to vote right now, I’d vote yes,” said Planning Board Chair Dan Herrick of the designs for the brick building near the traffic circle in the […]

Shaker Museum Appoints Lael Locke to Board of Trustees

CHATHAM, NEW YORK. May 20, 2021 — Shaker Museum announced today the election of Lael Locke to its Board of Trustees. Locke is a respected, longtime member of the community having served seven terms as an elected official in the Village of Chatham. In addition, she was a co-founder of the Chatham Business Alliance now […]

The Shakers’ innovative reuse of objects

In April, 2016, Shaker Museum presented its inaugural blog post, about the manufacturing of candied flagroot by the Shakers at Canterbury, New Hampshire. To ease the annual work of slicing hundreds of pounds of flagroot, they had repurposed an old sewing machine to slice flagroot by attaching a rotating cutting head to the business end of the machine. The Museum holds four sewing machines in its […]

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