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History of The Shakers

Shaker Museum elevates Shaker material culture to animate Shaker values and beliefs and inspire individuals and communities to deepen bonds and seek meaningful approaches to social, economic, environmental, and spiritual issues.

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A bench with a pink and gray patterned seat.
“…their sofas and their footrests are the best the world can give.”
Shaker Museum holds an extraordinary collection of materials relating to the Shaker chair business at the Mount Lebanon South and Second Families. Chairs made at Mount Lebanon from the late eighteenth century through the mid-1940s were the one category of furniture the Shakers...
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A piece of cloth with letters and numbers on it.
Cross stitched samplers
Girls, sometimes as young as five years old, were often taught skills needed to keep a family sufficiently dressed by, in part, making cross stitched samplers.  The word sampler comes from the French word, examplair – a model or pattern to copy or imitate – and originally sample...
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Shane Rothe

Curatorial Associate

Shane Rothe (they/them) joined Shaker Museum in July 2023, working with independent curator Maggie Taft on an exhibition for the new museum space in Chatham. Shane is an artist as well as a curator and continues to create in the mediums of painting, sculpture, writing, and performance. Shane holds a BFA from CalArts and an MA in art history and curatorial studies from the University of Chicago.