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[Infirmary and Office, Church Family, Mount Lebanon, NY]

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New York, Mount Lebanon
North Family

Bearing the inscription, "Church Family's Infirmary and Office. Looking North-East," on its back, in Henry Terry Clough's handwriting, this was once part of his collection of photographs of Shaker Village. It is also inscribed "No. 10" and bears his rubber stamp. The buildings (right to left) are, at the extreme right, the Church Family Wash House, used by Darrow School as a dining hall. It was burned in 1968 by disgruntled students. The large white building was the Shakers Infirmary, the darker building the Office and Store, and the small white building behind it the North Shop, used for a time as the Mount Lebanon Post Office.

New York, Mount Lebanon

New York,  Mount Lebanon

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