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Fall-front desk used by Eldress Annie Rosetta Stephens


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New York, Mount Lebanon

Desk of butternut and cherry consisting of a four-legged base with two drawers, a slant-top section and a fall-front cupboard on top. Interior of cupboard painted light blue but partitions, dividers, and drawer fronts are natural. Fall front lined with green baize held with decorative brass tacks. Three interior drawers are original to piece; fourth (top center) is a later addition. Both center drawers, as well as fall front, lid on slant-top, and proper left base drawer have locks. Two of the three original interior shelves are still extant. Drawers are dovetailed; interior drawers are all pine and lack pulls. Base drawers have pine sides and backs, tulip poplar bottoms, and spindle-turned cherry knobs which are different from left to right. Slant-top desk case dovetailed and lid has bread-board ends of cherry. Fall front has two panels and a mortised and tenoned frame, all butternut. Slant top lid and fall front hinged with brass butt hinges. Base has butternut drawer rails and front and back aprons which are mortised into cherry legs.

New York Mount Lebanon North Family

New York Mount Lebanon North Family

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Shane Rothe

Curatorial Associate

Shane Rothe (they/them) joined Shaker Museum in July 2023, working with independent curator Maggie Taft on an exhibition for the new museum space in Chatham. Shane is an artist as well as a curator and continues to create in the mediums of painting, sculpture, writing, and performance. Shane holds a BFA from CalArts and an MA in art history and curatorial studies from the University of Chicago.