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Shaker Museum

Minimalist art gallery interior with pottery displayed on wall shelves and a single chair in the foreground.
Bright gallery space featuring a variety of artistic objects and furniture with a wooden floor and white walls.
An art gallery room with a white interior, two wooden chests on a platform, and an abstract piece hanging between two windows.
A room corner with a stack of six colored drawers, a round decorative plate on the wall, a large bowl on a white pedestal, and a broom leaning against the wall.
Five colored pots on white shelves against a white wall.
Various colorful vintage tins on display inside a clear case.

Shades of Shaker (2022)

Shades of Shaker showcased the Shakers’ unique design aesthetic. The dynamic presentation of signature Shaker furniture pieces, clothing, household equipment, rugs, and textiles illustrated how Shakers used vibrant yellows, blues, and reds as part of their overall design vernacular. Most humans recognize and respond to color. Shakers were no different. They produced color in their paints, stains, and dyes using available natural pigments and dyestuffs with traditional recipes until commercial pre- mixed paints came on the market – then they bought these products. However, when the world at large was often layering color over color to create decorative designs and motifs, Shakers were content with the beauty added to furniture, interior woodwork, and building exteriors with a singular bold and distinctive color choice, or a combination of several colors. This intentional application of color was explored in Shades of Shaker.

This exhibition was previously on view from December 3, 2022-February 25, 2023, at the Kinderhook Knitting Mill at 8 Hudson Street, Kinderhook, NY.

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Shane Rothe

Curatorial Associate

Shane Rothe (they/them) joined Shaker Museum in July 2023, working with independent curator Maggie Taft on an exhibition for the new museum space in Chatham. Shane is an artist as well as a curator and continues to create in the mediums of painting, sculpture, writing, and performance. Shane holds a BFA from CalArts and an MA in art history and curatorial studies from the University of Chicago.